Project Activities

March 2024
The final Coordination Meeting of the project was held in Malta hosted by VisMedNet. This was a time for reflection and work on the future. The project had challenges and rewards but its results can be part of innovation in the future of school education.

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April 2023
Our 60 Experiential Learning Activities are online! After months of work we now have lesson plans and tools for schools to bring experiential learning and all the informal aspects linked to it into the school. There are topics or fields of interest like nature education, sports etc. and the idea is that teachers not only use these tools but also see possibilities of transferring ideas to other areas. Activities may also be cross disciplinary and some may also be implemented at a school level.

We have aimed for the acquisition of basic skills however there are also areas that are excellent vehicles for personal and social development, creativity and cooperation. With some creativity teachers can work together so that they build strategies with broader impact. Activities are also an opportunity for an education that is more inclusive of diverse learning needs and styles.

Later on we will be making these lessons available in various languages.

FM2December 2022
Publication of Implementing Experiential Learning in Formal Education: A Theoretical and Methodological Framework. We have published a comprehensive theoretical and methodological framework for integrating experiential learning into formal education. This framework is designed to equip educators with innovative didactic methods, making their teaching more engaging and interactive for students. It also offers significant upskilling opportunities for teachers, providing them with advanced pedagogical approaches to enrich their professional practice throughout their careers.

The implementation of this framework positions schools at the forefront of educational innovation. By adopting the latest training approaches, schools can enhance their appeal to students, parents, and educators seeking a dynamic and innovative work environment. Adopting these practices paves the way for schools to be recognised as “model schools” or attain the status of “experimental schools” in the future.

June 2022
Second Coordination Meeting in Greece
hosted by EUROPRODOS. In hybrid form planning for the start of gallery of lessons for teachers to implement, adopt or adapt for their context. Experiential Learning in schools is a new culture in which learning happens in different forms and also in new spaces beyond the classrooms.


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December 2021
The first Coordination Meeting of the project was held in Malta hosted by VisMedNet. This was the first opportunity for the partners to get to know each other and establish a common vocabulary and understanding of experiential learning before embarking on a two year journey together.

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