The Partners


VisMedNet Association was established in 2012 to promote innovation and experimentation in education and youth. It has over the years become a household name in the field of research networks leading a large Community of Practice with its own digital platform that hosts structured engagement activities between educators, students and professionals. Its staff complement includes professionals from education, youth, social work, media, communications and project management with more than 19 years experience in EU funded projects.


IEC Austria was established by a group of experienced youth workers and international consultants in order to provide a pool of expertise for young people in the field of innovation, empowerment, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, equality, democracy, justice, sports, and environment. Its mission is to promote concept of ecological citizenship which emphasizes responsibility and community; and to promote social inclusion through environmental education. 


DeM Experiential Training Centre is an NGO which is established in 2009, aims to develop and promote experiential learning in all areas of education and learning. As DeM; we are conducting research and development studies in the fields of non-formal education, formal education, vocational education and corporate trainings. DeM has three university clubs in Istanbul and Ankara for running youth works together with students of education faculties and also has a pool of trainers and experts consists of more than 60 educators, researchers conducting R&D works together. We are the founder of International Experiential Learning Network (IELN); we are a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network, Anna Lindh Network, UGK National Volunteering Committee and STEP Sivil Society Education Platform.

FEIOThe organisation was established in 2011 founded to develop ideas and scenarios for the sustainable development of society and the economy. It implements this mission through scientific research and development in the field of the natural, legal, social, economic and technical sciences, activities supporting the development and cooperation of multicultural communities, conducting education at all levels and promoting the idea of sustainable business through cooperation with local authorities and organization of workshops related to this topic. 

EuroprodosEUROPROODOS EDUCATIONAL GROUP was founded in 1994 and it includes a VET Institution, VET Centre and a modern Adult Education centre in Athens, Larissa, Korinthos, Thessaloniki. Its activities include development of training curricula for VET, Adult & School Education, implementation of training activities & courses, training & piloting programs for learners and vulnerable group and international RnD projects. EUROPROODOS contributes to a better quality life of citizens giving them chances of non-formal education, personal development and evolution. It promotes innovation and improved accessibility to and higher quality of education and culture for adult citizens by means of European cooperation.