Project Plan

girlonlaptopThe partners will develop a Theoretical and Methodological Framework for the Application of Experiential Learning in Formal Education. This Framework will be published on this website and shared with stakeholders so that they can share their perceptions, ideas and experience in this area.

In a second phase the partners will generate a Repository of Training Activities in order that teachers will have a pool of material and activities to implement in the classrooms. This material will be appropriate for both in-person and online training. A sample of the Training Activities will be tried and tested in a training activity for teachers and then in a training activity for students with learning profiles that make them the best possible beneficiaries of the application of Experiential Learning in their school education.

The partners will then undertake an effort to secure knowledge transfer from in/non-formal to formal learning environments. This will include the production of a Handbook and Recommendations for the most effective application of Experiential Learning in high schools.